Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twitter brainstorming session! Please post here!

We need to harness the brain power of the entire country to solve this problem. I have started a BLOG and twitter campaign to capture ideas that can stimulate solutions. The people of our country have solved more serious issues than this in the past. The conflict at the base of the American Revolution was not easily solved, but because many people volunteered their time and ingenuity they resolved it. Too many people are waiting for experts to solve this problem for them. My twitter campaign is #twitterbrainstorming. My BLOG is
http://electin2010.blogspot.com. I am a high school teacher that cares about his country and the ramifications of the oil spill on the world. This is my only qualification and special interest to solve this problem.

I suggest that we reverse the flow of the Mississippi to pull the oil slick into Yellow Cotton and Bastian Bays. Perhaps there we can use some of Kevin Costner's machines to separate the oil from the water.

My giant clam analogy may make you laugh, but if that laughter stimulates a solution to this problem, then I am very content to be laughed at. It is better than complaining about BP or blaming others for negligence. The time for this type of action should be after we stop proposing solutions to this problem.

Please consider posting a solution on the BP website or my BLOG. Here is the BP idea submission form. http://www.horizonedocs.com/artform.php

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