Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some interesting links to investigate the oil spill on 6/16/2010

Here are some helpful links that provide information about the spill. Some of the lower links provide speculative information that you should read cautiously. I would read them the same way that I read the Drudge Report. I would recognize that they are earnest people trying to make sense out of this oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It is important that we do not give up, but keep trying to solve this problem.

Beth Buczynski Beth Buczynski is a freelance copy writer and environmental blogger living in Northern Colorado. She holds a Master's in Public Communication and Technology with specialization in Environmental Communication from Colorado State University, and is passionate about leaving this planet in better shape than she found it. She is collecting hair and sending it to the gulf.

BPOilSpill on Twitter. A great source of very current information. 

CNN The night the oil rig exploded: Escape from a fire-breathing monster

ABC News Crude oil sucking barges ordered to stop by the Coast Guard. 

President Obama  Addresses the crisis

Associated Press   Pay czar and 9/11 arbiter takes on oil spill money

CBS News   Fishing industry in the Bay Area already greatly effected.

CBS Live video

Reuters  Citi Bank suspends foreclosure rates near the spill.

EPA  Clean Water Act

CBS News Oil Spill threatened Australia's barrier reef before the Gulf.

Oil-eating microbes a possible solution

Mother Jones  Citi Bank suspends foreclosure rates near the spill.

Gideon's Fleece  A page like mine attempting to keep you informed.

Huntsville Conservative Examiner  100,000 barrels per day discharge in the Gulf: BP says worse case scenario

Video Cafe Oil industry expert Simmons says that the spill could be spewing 100-150,000  Barrels per day.

Crooks and liars BP bars access to Gulf oil clean up sites.

Reef Builders Gulf oil spill threatens a reef restoration project.

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