Thursday, August 30, 2012

GOP/ Democratic Convention

I like Romney’s entrepreneurial spirit. I do not like his tendency to make every decision his discretion.

I like Obama’s commitment to the middle class. I do not like his propensity to solve big problems with bureaucratic solutions.

Republicans empower people who value their individual liberty. A personal liberty can neglect individuals that can not stand up for them selves.
 Democrats solve problems of inequality. They use central planning to maximize resources, and also reap bureaucratic inefficiency.

Both parties have strengths and weaknesses. I am a Republican because I value my individual liberty over equality. My value is based upon my desire to please the God that I serve in all that I do. I know that everyone does not share my faith. I feel that both parties have perspectives that must be shared and considered when creating and implementing public policy. Equality is one of the founding values of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, Republicans have taken equality for granted. In some cases this is because of their faith, and in other cases they choose selfishness.

The Democrats have an advantage over the Republicans when it comes to creating systems to save the middle class. Democrats are in a better position to create a system, and Republicans can better manage it. Many of the liberal think tanks are filled with bright people with great ideas. I read and listen to many of them. The two parties must work together to solve these difficult problems. At this point I am sure I have alienated many of my friends who would call me a wishy-washy moderate. Democrats should create systems to save the middle class and let Republicans implement it. What is an example of a system that needs to be created?

Medicare is the #1 entitlement problem in our country. Senior citizens are the fastest growing, and arguably the most easily exploited group in our country. We need to use the $700 billion saved from Medicare Advantage, and plug it back into the system. We need to let the Republicans manage that money and implement its execution. I understand that this kind of scenario would turn American politics on its head. But, if this means that we have increased domestic tranquility, then everyone would be for it. When people in other countries jealously look at our country what is it that makes them jealous? Is it liberty, equality, or even freedom that they long for? I have traveled around the world, and I do not think so. I think they want our standard of living. They want cell phones that talk to them and automobiles that do not use gasoline. They see the large number of people who have access to these conveniences, and want them as well. I worry that it won't be long that I will be longing to be in another country because they have what I want.

So today I am advocating for changes in our government. The values of our two party systems are too good to not have them in play at the same time. I have a dream of a shared and collaborative government. I am proposing that the Democratic Party run the legislative branch of our government and the Republicans execute it. I sit and write this as I watch the speeches of the Republican National Convention. The speeches are inspiring, and it is easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment. I know however, that in another couple of weeks I will be equally swept up by the speeches of the Democratic Convention. I like big ideas with conservative execution. We need the power of both parties to solve the problems of our deficit. I had high hopes for the Simpson Bowles commission. I followed their progress, and as a grandfather myself I embraced their love for their grandchildren. I was crest-fallen when our legislature and the president could not come to an agreement to solve our deficit. I have lost confidence in my government, and I believe that we must try something new to grease the polarization and unite bipartisan solutions through the introduction of different political structures. My wife tells me that I am spitting in the wind. I love my country, and I am grateful for the life it has provided me. I can talk freely about the things that I truly care about without the fear of reprisal. I feel a mounting dissatisfaction with our government, and its lack of action. I am ready for drastic measures of self correction. My hope and prayer is for a radical moderate force of citizens who will have the courage to execute a moderate idea of realistic compromise.