Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twitter brainstorming session! Please post here!

  1. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill Efforts to Limit the Flow of Spill News -
  2. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill Lets suggest solutions and not just complain about BP
  3. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill I will tweet a new idea when I see someone suggest another idea. include the hastags #twitterbrainstorming
  4. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill proactive hurricane strategy. Move New Orleans to Baton Rouge
  5. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill Nuke the leak
  6. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming @oilspill Let the Dutch help!
  7. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming BP @oilspill: Five outside-the-box solutions to capping and cleanup
  8. Pat Parris pparris9 #oilspill #twitterbrainstorming Could golf balls and tyres now stop the oil flow?
  9. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill, the President should hold a cash contest to solve the problem
  10. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming #oilspill, Kevin Cosner's oil separation machines
  11. Pat Parris pparris9 #twitterbrainstorming to fix #oilspill Use clams!
  12. Pat Parris pparris9 Why not hay bales? They may not work on the water, but will they work on the beach? #oilspill #twitterbrainstorming 


  1. I think we should combine Kevin Cosner's machines with my Mississippi river reversal.

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    OKAY my idea has to be implemented start bringing in ships yank the BOP and start pouring in epoxy cement ship after ship after ship.....and now BP may try something they are calling direct connect
    attempting to siphon more oil directly from BOP,,,,,,BP needs to leave BOP alone.

    From jeffrybinladen