Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who would Hurricane Sandy pick for president?

Who would Sandy pick for president?

sandy and pres

I suppose it is how you look at it. I watched many politicians today say in so many words that, "we will rebuild". I am sorry to say that I do not necessary agree. I do not mind if people want to risk their personal money for this development. But, if people use government money, then I disagree. I did not agree when New Orleans was bailed out, and I will not agree when we bail out the barrier islands for uses that they were never meant to have. Of course, if any presidential candidate would say this, it would be political suicide. This may be the most unpopular post that I have ever created. I understand that many people will disagree with me. I have rented a house at the shore for the past 10 years on one of those barrier islands. We have hundreds of wonderful memories during our family vacations. I am not unsympathetic toward this desire to rebuild these areas. Who does not want the ocean breeze in their hair when they go for a walk outside of their home? I just question why the tax payer should assume the risk of this affluent lifestyle.


If we were to take a snap shot of these barrier islands in 1944 we would see a much different picture than the development of today. In earlier years people built changing rooms on the beach where day trippers could come to the beach and change their clothes without having to stay over. The residents of the area called them shoebies. They were day trippers who visited the shore with all of their belongings in a shoe box because they took the train. There were less houses, but these homes were not meant for every season of the year. My suggestion is that the current disaster of a Halloween Hurricane creates an opportunity to preserve some beach areas for parks and open space. Rather than saying we will rebuild, I would suggest we unbuild by dedicating some areas to open space. The tax savings would be fiscally responsible, and make the shore experience more enjoyable. The 6 billion dollars invested in rebuilding could help us put our fiscal house in order.

For these reasons the candidate who does not say "we will rebuild" may have my vote on election day.

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