Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Presidents Speech by ovations

President Obama's Speech was good. If it were reduced to one word, that word would be manufacturing. Manufacturing touches many needs in our country. It increases exports to South Korea, Panama and Columbia. It brings back manufacturing union jobs to the United States. I think that this strategy my have been his only option.

We have a crisis of education in our country because many workers can not perform complex tasks. If we had more workers who were dedicated to increasingly difficult tasks, then we would not have to appeal to manufacturing to bring us out of recession. I question whether we can turn back the clock, and compete in the global economy. A Latin American short term bump may be possible, but long lasting recovery will occur because of our work force embracing dynamic careers that are dependent on constant re-learning.

My favorite part of his speech was the shot that The President took at libertarians. I whole heartily agree with him on his Abraham Lincoln comments. Unfortunately, this position is not popular right now. Abraham Lincoln is the father of the modern Republican Party. The idea that we need to reach out and help those who are oppressed is something I agree with him on. Reaching out a hand to pull a fellow American up is not a slap at rugged individualism. It is part of the very fabric of our country.

Perhaps the best way to evaluate his speech is to consider the congressional ovations on his points. .

Here is my analysis.


New trade agreements in Panama, South Korea, Columbia
Made in America Bring back manufacturing
Manufacturing is coming back to the US
GI Bill
Time for us to meet our responsibilities
People do not have the luxury of waiting 14 months
Collective bargaining rights to compete in a global economy

Should have got more applause

Fix the outdated patent process
Review of all government regulations in light of the Common sense test
A shot at libertarians (rugged individualism) Abraham Lincoln

When analyzed in this way the president’s only choice was to push manufacturing to unite both parties, bring back employment, and deliver us out of recession. Still I think it is somewhat short sighted. We need better workers more than we need easier jobs for these workers to do.

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